Groningen Researchers to Speak at Anchoring Conference

This weekend six members of the After the Crisis research group will be speaking at the OIKOS conference ‘Anchoring Innovation in Antiquity’ at Soeterbeeck in Ravenstein.

Dr. Jacqueline Klooster will speak on Plutarch and Solon as moral instructors. Dr. Inger Kuin will speak on Sulla’s reputation in Roman Greece following his military campaigns there. Professor Annette Harder will speak on anchoring innovation through aetiology. Professor Ruurd Nauta will present his research on the work of Lucan and Tacitus as ways of un-anchoring the Principate. Professor Van Nijf will speak on the revival of Greek (athletic) contests after Sulla’s military operations. Raf Praet will present a collaborative project with Raphael Hunsucker on the role of Romulus in the collective memory of the early and late Roman Empire.

Abstracts and a full program are both available on this website. For further practical details about the conference, please go to the OIKOS website.