After the Crisis 2.0

In the first half of 2015 ‘After the Crisis’ started as a research group at the University of Groningen dedicated to investigating the responses of individuals and communities to war, violence, and disruption in the ancient Roman Empire. Our focus has been on the civil wars of the first century BCE and their repercussions at Rome and in Roman Greece. The project was part of the pilot project for the national Anchoring Innovation research agenda of OIKOS, which led to the award of an NWO Gravitation Grant in May 2017.

Now that the pilot project for Anchoring Innovation has been concluded, the ‘After the Crisis’-project has also entered a new phase. Inger Kuin and Jacqueline Klooster continue to work hard on finishing the last publications for the pilot, most importantly the conference volume After the Crisis. Remembrance, Re-anchoring and Recovery in the Ancient World, but they have also taken on new roles. Jacqueline Klooster has been appointed Assistant Professor in the Classics Department at the University of Groningen, while Inger Kuin recently started teaching at Dartmouth College as Senior Lecturer in Classics.

The project has opened up numerous interesting insights. One of these is related to the representation of crises as the products of fate, fortune or chance historiographical and other narratives. Jacqueline Klooster will further pursue this insight in a research project on the narrative representation of coincidence and chance in ancient narrative.

We will continue updating this website, at least until the After the Crisis-volume has been published. To mark the start of this new phase we have added a lot of new content under Organized events, Publications, and Teaching. Please look around!