IMEM Work-in-Progress-Day

On Friday April 1, 2016 (no joke!) the Ancient History Department of the University of Groningen will be hosting the annual ‘Work-in-Progress’-Day of the Impact of Empire Research Group. During this meeting (associate) members present ongoing research to the rest of the group and any other participants.

Work in Progress

Papers will be pre-circulated and during the meeting speakers will introduce their research in a 15-minute presentation, followed by 25 minutes of discussion.

Impact of Empire Lecture

The presentations will be followed by the annual Impact of Empire Lecture. We are happy to announce that Professor Barbara Borg (Exeter) will be delivering the lecture this year. She has published widely on inter alia portraiture, funerary art, and epigraphy. In 2013 her book Crisis and Ambition: Tombs and Burial Customs in Third-Century CE Rome was published by Oxford University Press.


Program and Registration

All lectures will take place in room A7 of the Academy Building

10:30-11:00     Registration and coffee (in Bruinszaal)

11:00-11:10     Welcome

Panel 1 – Chair: Inger Kuin (Groningen)

11:10-11:50     Lydia Spielberg (Nijmegen): “Telling it like it is: power, persuasion, and necessity in Tacitus”

11:50-12:30     Olivier Hekster (Nijmegen): “Constraints and Tradition. Roman power in changing societies (50 BC – AD 565)”

12:30-13:45     lunch break (in Bruinszaal)

Panel 2 – Chair: Onno van Nijf (Groningen)

13:45-14:25     Miko Flohr (Leiden): “Inequality and society in the Roman world: some preliminary thoughts”

14:25-15:05     Jan Willem Drijvers (Groningen): “Leadership in the Fourth Century Roman Empire: Transformations and Perspectives”

15:05-15:30     tea break (in Bruinszaal)

Panel 3 – Chair: Christina Williamson (Groningen)

15:30-16:10     Evelien Roels (Heidelberg/Groningen): “Inscribing the city. Text monuments in Hellenistic and Imperial Asia Minor”

16:10-17:10     Keynote Lecture

Barbara Borg (Exeter): “Reading between the walls: Archaeology as social history?”

17:10-18:15     reception (in Bruinszaal)

18:30-20:30     dinner at Huis de Beurs (at private expense)


Generously supported by OIKOS Impact of Empire, ICOG, and the Groningen University History Department.