Prof. Dr Onno van Nijf was educated at Leiden University and he received his PhD cum laude from Amsterdam University (The Civic World of Professional Associations in the Roman East, Gieben: 1997). He has published widely on the political and festival culture of the Roman East, with a particular focus on epigraphical sources. He is the Director of Studies of the Research MA Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Within the Anchoring Innovation project he will investigate how the Greek festival traditions were rekindled and flourished under Roman rule with a new political message. For a full profile go here.

Prof. Dr Ruurd Nauta was educated at Leiden University, where he completed his PhD cum laude entitled Poetry for Patrons. Literary Patronage in the Age of Domitian (Brill). His publications focus on many aspects of Latin poetry and prose, especially of the Flavian period. He is head of the department of Classics and professor of Latin at RUG. In the framework of the Anchoring Innovation project his special focus is on the virtue of clementia, originally collectively ascribed to the Roman people, and denoting their consideration with their vanquished external enemies, but developing into a personal virtue of the victor in civil war (Caesar, Augustus), displayed towards the fellow-citizens who had been his adversaries. For a full profile go here.


Dr Jacqueline Klooster was educated at Amsterdam University, where she completed her PhD (2009) on Hellenistic Poetry (Poetry as Window and Mirror, Positioning the Poet in Hellenistic Poetry, Brill 2011). She has worked as a research fellow (post doc) at the University of Amsterdam and Ghent University (Belgium). Among her research interests are (self-)representation of poets (Poetry as Window and Mirror, 2011), Space in Greek Literature (The Ideologies of Lived Space in Literature, Ancient and Modern, Ghent Academia Press 2013, with Jo Heirman), and the evaluation of the literary activities of ancient rulers (A Portrait of the Statesman as an Artist, Writing Rulers in Antiquity, in progress). She is currently working on the project After the Crisis. For a full profile go here.

Dr Inger Kuin studied Philosophy and Journalism at the University of Amsterdam, and she received a PhD in Classics from New York University for her dissertation Playful Piety: Lucian and the Comic in Ancient Religious Experience (2015). Her research focuses on the cultural history of the Greek-speaking world in the Roman period, while she has also published on Latin epigraphy and on papyrology. After working on the After the Crisis project at the University of Groningen, she is currently teaching at Dartmouth College in the US. She is also preparing a book manuscript on ancient religion, humor, and anthropomorphism based on her dissertation. For a full profile go here.

Affiliated Faculty

Dr Jan Willem Drijvers was educated at Groningen University, where he completed his PhD on Helena Augusta (Helena Augusta. The Mother of Constantine the Great and the Legend of Her Finding of the True Cross, Brill 1992). He has since published extensively on Late Antiquity, focusing in particular on early Christianity and Ammianus Marcellinus. He is currently working on the topic of imperial leadership in the Late Empire. For a full profile go here.

Prof. Dr Annette Harder was educated at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, where she completed her PhD cum laude on Euripides’ Kresphontes and Archelaos. Her recent key publication is the edition and commentary of Callimachus’ Aetia (OUP 2012). Her research interests include Hellenistic Poetry, Greek tragedy, and literary papyri. In the framework of the Anchoring Innovation program she will be studying the way Civil War among the Greeks finds its expression in Greek poetry. For a full profile go here.